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The Junk Removal Advantage

The first question when it comes to junk removal; is it really worth it? 

You have three options when it comes to disposing of your junk/trash:

-Hauling it to the dump yourself (requiring truck/trailer) 

-Renting a dumpster (usually very costly, long wait time on the pickup/drop off, labor required and not always reliable)

-Those Guys Junk Removal (very reliable, usually in and out within the hour)


Why People Choose Junk Removal

Theres a clear advantage when it comes to junk removal over your conventional ways of removing your trash/junk. 

-Our trailers hold approximately 15 yards of junk, it would take an average of 7 truck bed loads to match this. 

-All labor, dump and travel fees are included in the quote. Unlike a dumpster; you're forced to load yourself and be stuck with the eye soar of it for sometimes up to a week.


The Those Guys Brand

At Those Guys Junk Removal we strive to make sure every customer is happy and satisfied with our work every time. We go above and beyond to make sure it gets done right.

With Those Guys Junk Removal you can expect:

-Trustworthy pricing/quotes

-Honest guys helping out

-What it takes to get the job done

-The ability to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes for the satisfaction of the customer.

Curbside Trash Service

Curbside Trash Services: $20.00/monthly ($60 quarterly)

Price is for one can picked up once a week at the curb, we can also accommodate more cans if needed. We can use can provided by customer or provided by Those Guys ($40 one time delivery fee per can)

Valet Trash Services: $26.00/monthly

With our valet trash service you don't have to worry about putting your can out to the curb. Simply leave your can in a designated spot around your property and we will empty the can from there.

Call today! Deals this good won't last forever

These prices won't last forever, just to show a little appreciation to our first (most valuable) customers as we get into the curbside trash pickup industry.


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