How Do We Charge?

At Those Guys Services LLC, we like to provide honest, up front, and fair pricing for all our customers. The way we charge is very simple and based on the room used in our 15 yard trailer(pictured to the left).  All pricing includes labor fees and disposal fees unless otherwise stated. Trailer dimensions are; 16'Long x 6.5'Wide x 4'High.

Single Item Pickup

Single item pickup starts at $75.00, perfect chance to get rid of that old refrigerator, couch, mattress or any other big bulky item you have laying around.

Quarter Load Price(1/4 Trailer)

Quarter load price at $125.00, perfect for a few larger items or a small clean out. 3.75 yards used on the trailer(approximately 2 pickup truck beds) 

Half Load Price(1/2 Trailer)

Half Load Price Is At $250.00, perfect for multiple large/bulk items or a small room clean out. 7.5 yards used on the trailer(approximately 4 pickup truck beds)

Three Fourths Load Price(3/4 Trailer)

Three Fourths Load Price Is At $375.00, perfect for a bedroom clean out or small garage clean out. 11.25 yards used on the trailer(approximately 6 pickup truck beds)

Full Load Price

Full Load Price Is At $500.00, perfect for the largest jobs and clean outs. We can cram a serious amount of stuff in this trailer so in the end the more junk you got, the better deal you get! 15 yard trailer(approximately 8-10 pickup truck beds)



Are you more of a 'do-it-yourself' type and feel like loading on your own?At Those Guys Services LLC we like to give our customers options! With this 8 yard enclosed trailer you can fit a ton of stuff and save some money!

Perfect for garage clean-outs, attic clean-outs, bulk furniture, appliances, boxes and much more! Item and weight restrictions do apply so please let us know in advance what kind of project you are working so we can see what best suits it!